Training Log… Date Unknown!!!

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Okay, okay, I haven’t done the best at keeping up with my training log. Truth be told, I fell off the wagon considerably. But I kept following the wagon as it trundled down the road, and eventually I sort of hauled myself back onto it in a less than dignified manner, and am at least there if not in the form and function I hoped.

Lots of change in the air. Running around my neighborhood in Minneapolis as the snow melted, I realized that this is not a great place for me and the dogs. Ophelia now is strong and bigger than Hooch, and she also loves street food. Like street pizza. Or street squirrels. Or street poop. She eats it all. No discrimination. We play a constant game of “can I consume this before my human makes me drop it or scoops it out of my mouth?” Also, the girls have some allergies, and I think it’s about the city air. We live right next to a freeway, which just can’t do them any favors.

So, back to Alaska we go! Ophelia has landed a job as a tour dog on the Denver glacier this summer with Riley Dyche, a good friend and great musher. Hooch will be on couch assignment with another friend in Fairbanks. I think she’ll be relieved to have a break from her offspring. Their relationship has looped back to one where Hooch just endures Ophelia, and Ophelia just wants to hang off Hooch’s ears. Don’t get me wrong. They still love each other. But. Hooch will appreciate an extended spa day.

I fly them up on Alaska Airlines next Friday. I’ll drive up to Fairbanks, see some friends, drop off the dogs, and then spend a week with my parents. It will be great to be back in the 49th state. I’m hoping to climb some mountains, do a little hiking, and generally enjoy nature and friends. And Turkey Red. (Best restaurant ever, in case you don’t know.)

Then I’ll be back to Minneapolis to be with my personfriend, enjoy some summer sun, and prepare for the next big step– moving to Fairbanks! I’m ironing out details, but the move is on the move. Or at least it’s pretty imminent. I’m excited. I’m finally aiming for what I have dreamed of my whole life, building my small kennel. I don’t have huge aspirations, but I want to run Iditarod, and I’m excited to do it in my own style. Nervous too, let’s not kid ourselves, but mostly pretty stoked. This coming year or two I’ll have and raise pups, get to know the Fairbanks area a little better, and start building ATAO Kennel. When the pups are yearlings or two year olds, we’ll do some mid distance races, and when they are three, the goal is Iditarod. So– big plans. We’ll see.

But oops, this is supposed to be a training log…

So… for now, I have been running the girls every morning. Last weekend I got myself out on a solo run, because it was too hot for the dogs, and it felt great. I intended to go 3 miles but ended up doing 5. I kept a decent pace (right in what I used to train for), and felt good. I’m getting back into the habit of running. Running with the dogs is still hard on my legs but we have been doing short runs (we also have to keep it short cuz it’s HOT for these guys!), and just a lot of them. Today is the first day I haven’t run with them in the last week maybe. We’ll take a rest day and then hit the pavement early tomorrow morning.

Okay, not the most comprehensive log… Just what’s up. I am still running. Still adventuring. And back here to tell you about it, I guess. Thanks to some accountability buddies for keeping me going. Eleanor keeps me boxing. We box twice a week even if we don’t want to. Alycia inspires me to keep running. We have talked about all kinds of things and can relate to wanting to run and not wanting to run. And running anyway. Shawn Goggins gently encourages me to get my shoes on and go out the door even if I don’t feel like it. And the dogs require me to get my butt in gear.

I’ll update more about Alaska visits and impending plans…